Mental Health


Mental illness is increasingly recognized as a contributing factor to violence and tragedy for individuals, families, and communities. The widespread impact of depression and anxiety, suicide, substance abuse, and other mental illnesses means few are unaffected. We hear a call to action. We support the integration of mental health care as essential to overall health and positioning PAs across disciplines to become mental health champions.


More than 111 million Americans are known to live in mental health profession shortage areas (calculated by the HRSA primarily based on a psychiatrist to population ratio of 1:30,000).

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Through collaborative efforts, the nccPA Health Foundation seeks to:

  • Foster and promote the role of PAs in the management of mental health and illness.
  • Analyze the mental health landscape to highlight urgent and emerging mental health issues and formulate inclusive strategies to address the issues.
  • Equip PAs—as part of an interdisciplinary team—in addressing the spectrum patients' mental health needs.

The PArtners in Mental Health Summit:  Proceedings and Recommendations describes four strategies identified at a June 2017 convening. “This meeting and these recommendations are the first steps to identifying strategic and innovative ways to further integrate PAs in the delivery of mental health services,” said Ted Wendel, Ph.D., and chair of the board of the nccPA Health Foundation, which convened the summit.

The recommendations form a framework intended to catalyze dialogue and activities that leverage the role and capacity of PAs and partners to address the mental health and substance use disorder crises facing the nation. 

“The shared goal of those participating is to enable the PA community to make an exponential difference in this complex, national problem. By leveraging the capacity of PAs and partners to meet mental and behavioral health needs, we hope to improve overall health.”

The Summit brought together more than 30 healthcare leaders, including PAs in psychiatry, other disciplines, and education as well as interprofessional champions and mental health experts. Leaders from the AAPA, ARC-PA, NCCPA, PAEA, and PAF continue to work with the nccPA Health Foundation as a steering committee to guide this effort. 

If you’re interested in getting involved with resulting PA efforts and activities, please share your name and contact information at contactus@nccpahealthfoundation.net.

Read the press releases announcing the Summit and Recommendations.

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Depression Screening Tools                                                                        Suicide Risk Screening Tools


                      Data Source: National Alliance on  Mental Illness                                 Data Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration               
Anxiety Disorders Screening Tools                                                                Drug and Alcohol Use Screening Tools 

Be the CHANGE in Mental Health

Apply for up to $1000 in grant funding to address mental illness in your clinic or community.
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