Brief History


It also funds a Be the Change Grant and the Kathy Pedersen Grant to Promote Equitable Care to equip and encourage Certified PAs and PA students to promote more equitable care.

The Foundation created a new strategic framework that has received support from the NCCPA Board. The Foundation is focused on building PA workforce capacity in the areas of mental health and wellness and oral health as part of overall health.


The Foundation’s focus shifted to research, and the Foundation worked with NCCPA in the development of the PA Professional Profile, launched in 2013.

During this period, the Foundation also became very involved with a national movement to promote the integration of oral health into PA education and practice and has hosted meetings, produced videos, funded grants, and worked in other ways – with success – in support of the oral health movement.


In addition, the Foundation operated a small research grants program and supported NCCPA in the area of public outreach.

The second major project was a qualitative study of successful physician-PA teams; which yielded a second video in the Excellence series: Shaping Great Physician-PA Teams.

The Foundation was principally focused on promotion of the concept of “PA excellence.” The Foundation’s first project tackled the topic of ethics in response to disciplinary issues NCCPA was seeing get PAs into trouble. Concepts in PA Excellence: Exploring Ethics, an educational video and facilitator’s guide, was provided to all PA programs and is still in use.


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